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Night I Got Old Yeller

Cause I riffed off all this youth paraphernalia in this clean green room.

Mason Dixon Line

All I love and lost, not cause they died.

Song Island

Sequel to ‘My Social Island’.

Toe Blue

CHEATERS, how do you justify cheating?

On Whaling Erotica

Poem for h on whaling.

Theres a Trumpet Thats Ablazing

One of the earliest hh explorations, gosh 7 years ago now?

Media Out for Cigs

For those with writers block, read old meta notes(orkys).

Dont Talk What You Can Show

Time to take some of your own advice, ‘Money Mic’.

To Push or to Stretch It Out Further

Should I push what I know or stretch it out farther?


Real old attempt at breaking logic.

And Then There Was Fire Ass Pixels

First time drinking in a whole foods.

Surfing in the Sea

Perfect song for the beach.

I Was Wandering in My Head

Another one about the dance between idealized, physical, metaphysical reality in cognition.

Seize the Day Girl

Great lick, lyrics did not stand the test of time.

Walking Talking Smiling Keeping

The immortal feeling of mortality directed in this abstract love song with pokemon references.

Walking Down Central Park

Officially the first song I ever wrote.

Books as Monopods

The second version of my current favorite freestyle Transcript. (1.2.20)

Grasshopper My Grasshopper

Imagine you’re hung over hiking by yourself you throw up bile, find a grasshopper, and have a conversation with them.

Next Time I Go Out Imma Teach Got a Lesson

Supposed to be GOD but world’s not ready.

My New Irish Sing Along

You gotta be drinking with some real friends to belt this one well together.

Wash Your Acapella

First colab with h. Started in the shower, where else does singing start?

Life Is a Sacred Circle

What began the second wave.

What a Piece of Man Is Work

Your final TODO list before you cut your cucumber off.