Welcome to the Federal Beat Reserve

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The Federal Beat Reserve is the following:

  • The Federal Beat Reserve is a dictionary with electronic instrumentals as the definitions. It’s name plays upon the idea that the US government might officially support the creative cataloging of music for the people. My aim is to create a non verbal sound reference for every word in language, through the action of encapsulating everything semantic into a discrete duration of instrumental music. Here, I’ve started with phrases, incomplete sentences, concepts and combinations of words, which I’ve then composed tracks off of. This project is inspired by open source philosophy in software development, where all the work and its underlying components, are exposed to be remixed, reused, edited, and developed on in an open and transparent way. To contribute to the dictionary or find out about my other creative tech projects reach out through

All my work is open source and always free, because everything should be. That’s the world I’d like to see. But also give me a dollar a month and keep me alive! Love, Poliw.at ||

FBR also shows up in the POLIW.AT LOVES YOU screenplay as the alternative reality, or the drop of each sequence where the US government chose to hire schizophrenics, giving them tactical looking and audio video(AV) equipment in order to record and log the unique resonant frequencies of the Earth. The map is available for all citizens of the world, and many artists use this as a resource in taking advantage of the data, a new movement where studio producers in general moved from the idea of isolating sounds in a studio environment, and instead taking advantage of the unique natural acoustics spaces on the Earth.

POLIWATs in this universe are what these government employees are called, because they use hand-me-down repurposed POLICE SWAT vests. It was all part of the mental illness renaissance, where lawmakers passed a huge proposal to employee some of the most mentally sick by giving them an opportunity to serve their country in a symbiotic way.