Miss Myself Missing You

2019-07-23 15:48:50 -0700 -0700

Most likely my saddest song. Took a long time to sing these words.

Jared played guitar at my bedroom in santa cruz up empire grade on those 50 acres and damn he made me cry. I lowered the pitch and layered it to make it sound like a standup bass.

“Miss myself missing you” by POLIW.AT


I’m not usually the one to slow it down
but that saddest truth that gets to you
and I know that my laptop is missing screw you
and I missing myself oh missing you

but what's dat hardest truth
of myself missing you

like everything ends
or having loose screw

what's the hardest truth
when there is no truth

I'll never be all I see

[Last Past]

Life's so precious
No one whats they doing
world full of suffering
but that those soft truths
what the hardest truth?
everything ends eventually for us all
I miss my self missing you