Tithes for Tony

2019-10-02 21:54:03 -0500 -0500

Tutorial: Is this homeless man telling you the truth-s-?


Had a great day of work for Aris

when I did the transfer from the blue line to the brown I didn’t feel like quite going home yet. I walked around looking for a nice sounding ambient place to record brown dog. It was only 8 pm and only chains and nice restaurants were open. Nothing I liked. I somehow walked straight to the next CTA station, and yet again gave someone a smile and they asked for money, anyone you smile at in the city is looking for money so far. Except moms and old gay dudes their smiles at me are usually first fast and free.

So anyways this guy tony asked me what was up and I said my dad is dying of cancer and he replied two days ago he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. So we had a good session. I didn’t feel like pulling my recorder out I was too in a fog. But since it’s fresh I can log what happened. He was outside 711 by the CTA in about downtown. Said he’s there everyday. Took him a while to get me to give him ten bucks, we had to talk God and he said jesus was his savior and when I asked what he was up to tonight he said he was trying to smoke and I was like pot? And he said no, and I bummed a cig off him by this point so it was some of the harder stuff.

Said I need to wear the pants in the relationship, said it says in the scripture that God gave men women to help them, yada yada. Every dude in the city so far, and it’s been a month is misogynistic. Well that’s just my UCSC training, it’s more like every man so far likes to make sweeping statements of all women. And here’s mine. Even some of the smartest women make sweeping statements of men, and there’s not a word equivalent to misogynistic on their part. It’s a free country though, and Tony agreed with my rant on our little intersection, the shit in McDonalds on the corner gives you cancer, the shit in 711, the shit in the air under the train. He agreed and the 5 dollar donation was turning quick into 10, cause he promised to show me where the all the rats are piled up eating the food that the humans throw away, in the same alley there’s people sleeping. He took me to a back alley which ran my adrenaline only a little cause I trusted I could take him at this point, he was a 58 year old black man 2 days deep from a diagnosis of stomach cancer, and a smoker. I don’t hit I’m a grappler but I noted where to. He showed me these two sad Mexican homeless people smoking 10 feet from about 20 visible rats entwined around a chainlink fence behind some dumpsters, god knows how many more were just in the void. I watched him smoke crack and declined his offer and then we found a lot of common ground in how the world was fucked up and he was real stuck on the channel of what ‘they’ say how people are a liability, and his response is no people are the liability why are you feeding the rats daily instead of the feeding the people right next to the rats. We both agreed it’s fucked up and we don’t understand it and I asked him what he was up to now and he said he’s going to get a cold one at cvs and invited me, but I told him I had to get back on the train so we parted ways with a handshake.

I’m supposed to be going to this film mixer from Meetup at the arrogant frog but wanted to write and record brown dog instead, Helen encouraged me to go and I. Walked past an open mic after going two stops past our place and I wanna hit it next Wednesday. And another two on Tuesday. Doesn’t matter though. If I’m next on the chopping block I’m putting it in a song.

I'm next on the chopping block