If I Was the Butcher

2019-11-14 18:31:45 -0800 -0800

…in love with the chicken.

(verse 1)
if I was the butcher in love with the chicken
it'd be your neck I'm in love with

if you were the preacher (of the town)
you'd condemn all words and
show love through your actions

he died too early
he died for a cause not military
he died for this
this proverb from the ghetto
is he right

and he said

if I was the butcher in love with the kebab
it'd be your stick I'm in love with

if I were the liver
that saved my dad
I'd become a nun
and show through action   

if I was the shaman
that lived in the protest
shamans at a protest
signs that read
genocide copyright
not lives
will not be
write software that
frees the world not
enslaves the world

___ not below this line → what came first chicken or the vegan or you