I Want a Ball

2019-11-14 18:40:46 -0800 -0800

What children survived their 30s? DM me.

capo 2-3


C            Am
I want a ball to toss around
C            Am7
like when I was small
C            Am
like when I was small
C            Am7
knock knock knock
C            Am
I live next door and every moment
C            Am7
I see I see uniqueness
F         G       F            G7
and I see suffering under your eyelids
C            Am
I want a ball just to toss around
C            Am7
I want a ball just to toss around

so lets play tags with the neighbor kids
I'll hide in the trash then pop out real quick
we're gonna die soon so don't be a bitch
that's what life is I don't have perfect pitch

not below this line →

we did a cheers with helen and I on modelos
my dad with buttermilk and he said  
rage against the darkness of the night
and we clinked glasses

she sells me down the river bout hitting my dads oxygen so I don’t speak to her

lourdes I met on the train

sent a heating blanket

and wrote a wonderful letter

he said it was beyond fantastic


today I was told by chris to read page 127 of the hospice handbook

im sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place she used to say


drafts and drafty drafts

I wish there was a draft but we’re in nipomo and it’s the best weather in the states. Operah said so I don’t believe her, I’ve lived it. ()