2019-04-20 10:58:11 -0700 -0700

my bank account

A - - E


I don't know whats in
my bank account
couldn't tell you the
exact amount
I don't know what's in
my veins right now
yes I do
I'm mad at you

she's a frog
Imma kiss
iLive in bogs
you're dismissed
you're dismissed

I got some english muffin
carb revolution
kombucha as restitution
satan invented institution
Im streets smarts
my mom says
then falls to instirution

wave the beef
i'm not jealous
just in love
and love without jealousy

is a 3 act
play called
can you hear that wifi
 in the apple store

 says paint your house white
 throw out your junk
 lease a silver car
 call your shrink
 fire them
 after a final send off session
 of quitting your job

 quote jobe
 only to cat ladies
 cause they know

 and the world's ending only for whats in
nonsequiter sidebar
sit down
wash your dick dick dick dick dick x2