Healthier Choices

2019-08-29 22:26:50 -0700 -0700

Pale Blue Dawt! Or paleblue.fm (couldn’t afford keeping another website online)

PBD ep 2

Ep2 What are you trying to do before you die

Humans (In Order of Appearance)

Michael Betts


Nick Kush,

Sean Keilan, the Provost of Porter College and Professor of Literature.

//( random person private property )

Tamar Weir

Ashley Keith

Katie Shubat

Brian Eurice

Adrienne Lundry

Celia Wrath

Jack Rogers

Ethan Durram, https://www.kasuriagroup.com/

Erin Devit

Mackenzie Vasquez

Gene Betts


Matt Brown



Jimmothy Leary - pbd intro

Ashley and Jesse healing music

Ameet Live Forest Loops

mtfk. - Laying in the Grass, Watching the Stars

Feminist Dominatrix Freestyle

Grasshopper my Grasshopper - poliw.at


I’d Pick More Daisies by Brother Jeremiah

General notes:

I don’t know what the cosmic vagina instrumental in the background but it sounds like Spotify or Youtube, help me identify it!

where you find your head ?

where you lay to rest ?

where you head your stead ?

where your hands

where do you orient your feet

where are your arms

and where’s your charm
and why’s your head all up in a noose

and when’s you going to master something soon