Final Playlist 1

2019-11-16 22:25:48 -0800 -0800

If I had a nickel every time I wrote that…

There is no standard version control for song writing, please reach out if you find or made one.

Main guitar acoustic set

  1. I am a spliff
  2. World my stage
  3. Grasshopper my Grasshopper
  4. Next time I got out
  5. Toe Blue
  6. If I was the butcher
  7. Constantly zoning out
  8. 3PAC 0HOOTS is dead
  9. miss myself missing you ___

piano ones:


all of us

give mommy a break give daddy a breakdown

bpm 65 F# one

bpm 85 Gmaj7 one

bpm 95 Bbmin7

bpm 107 Gmaj7 one

bpm 122 Bbmin 7 Dbmin C7 one || Bbmin7 Eb Ab7 Amaj7 Ab7 Amaj7 || C7 F7

internet will not be homogenized

Crossed the mason dixon line before I new the line

Books as monopods distant hills