Daily Conrete Lake

2019-09-21 11:38:59 -0500 -0500

Typos on purpose to make you think and the following will be neither.

”“”‘Alcohol doesn’t console’ She wrote. ‘All is replaces is the lack of God.’“”” –margot from bluets

Nina Simone below

Love me leave me or leave me alone. I listened to all of you. You're speech as if the thoughtful  songs of Nina Simone, thoughtful thot I thought.
"What's this?" Hh asked.
It's a black underarmor top, extra small and shrunk from the dryer.
"That's my Equinox top, you gotta workout like a slut there."
I haven't activated free three day membership yet.
Just recorded beauitful Hh reading bluets off Lake Michigan. A copter overhead flew right over us. The geese are eating the grass. Some dude did a front flip off the concrete. We're sneaking old style.
I'm the kind of dude that talks sex, gay ex, and god on rooftops over free weed with racists, cause that's what freedom looks like to me.

Cause I used to be prejudice I know the path I had to take to become the barefoot workaholic jobless fun loving hippie that loves women's rights and guns. And don't forget about music. But none of tose things are as wonderful as Helen's words shooting electricity straight through my skull.

reading bluets by margot, providing steep insight to what I did with pale blue everything, and what to do now
then and forever more in the future.

We were just singing pencil dick on the lake. She got the love bug as I.

Freewrites don't have to be cohesive the migraine today took oesfdkdsfjafdsldfsalkfjldsja out of me.
and you know what, what is even right after all this all this beauty before me after killing me and trying to not even look good past this point   -->
Freesdjfadf a

I you you me I waksk enew stop no thinking jus twriting tonight
we're full sending art party nans and colectivo coffee writing sesh ater the lake, what more could be better than all that


all in  sittings 2 payhecks in my backpackk but who's checking

she told me twice now so I know it's important.
"They made 100,000 dollars in two weeks of touring."
Earlier that night she texted me "you're going to be a star"

Pretty good text to get while she's at a free concert where her ex she cheated on for me.
Doesn't matter I don't exist and can't cause why again?

1) made her cum

2) blaze whoop

3) we sing

4) we dance

5) Ask Goethe

6) against all odds and circumstances

7) but our biggest secret, we both live out of suitcases <3

and who else can you sing pencil dick with at the lake? Love this girl.